A mix

It’s now 1 month before I leave for Japan. And it’s been a pretty slow week.

Tomorrow I have to drive a 6hr round trip to see the gender clinic. Feel a bit stupid but I think I did the right thing. Basically, I know that if you don’t see the GIC/refuse to see GIC for so long, they throw you off thier books, and if you wanna come on again you join the end of the 2.5 year queue (welcome to the NHS).

So, I messaged them saying I was due an appointment cause I’m going away soon. After some to-ing and fro-ing I got an OK time appointment. Then the next day I was like “ah shit, I wonder if they do telephone appointments?” Turns out they do, but now (just a day later) they were mysteriously all full. Great. So off I will go. Worth it in the long run I suppose, cause if I just go away for a year, then at least I can come back and see them soon.

Chest is healing really well, it’s 3 weeks, coming on 4. I change micropore tape once a week and get a good peek at the nips. No pains, and def think this last surgery was worth it, I like the results more than after 2nd surgery. Too early to tell “final final” result though, will have a better idea in about 3 months.

London Bridge

Getting really fustrated atm at just wanting to get stuff done, feel like i’m hanging around the starting line and keep getting delayed. Trying my best to keep positive though and keep mental health in check. I go to London next week to sort out visa stuff and i’m meeting a friend down there for half a day as well so will be nice to catch up and wander round the city.

I have decided to experiment with keeping this blog going, just on a reduced basis once I leave. It may be hectic for a while though. All “hectic” means as it stands is “baking an apple crumble for a family meal on Saturday” hummm, think my definition will change soon. Soon hectic will be juggling several classes, trying to deciper complex characters on a daily basis, meeting millions of new people a day, and just generally being like a deer in headlights.

Until next week!




2 thoughts on “A mix

  1. Hey Sebastian, I was wondering how your testosterone injections will work when you’re in Japan? I’ve thought about doing some time abroad with uni but not sure how getting my hormones would work in a different country


  2. Hey, I self-inject Nebido and prostap, so it was a question of getting sufficient stock here, and making sure I could import it abroad, in this case into Japan. Japan are dead strict so I have had to apply for a certificate along with a letter, itinerary, etc. Other countries may be happy with just a Dr letter and prescription for importing.

    Otherwise, the alternative option is getting a prescription and letter from GP explaining need for it, and then finding a local hospital/GP in new country before you head off, contacting them and finding one that will prescribe and /or inject for you out there. This will only work for “transfriendly” countries ofc, and many countries will not have the same T avaliable that you currently use.

    Both of these can be done all privite, all public-care or a mixture of both, depending on the situation! Remember to include asking around for clinics that will give you a blood test as well for monitoring (unless you pop home often enough to just get them done then)

    Whichever way, I recommend getting started getting it sorted as soon as you find out where you are going, cause it can take ages waiting on people to let you know if they are willing to prescribe/write letters/inject/supply etc. Like, months. As long as you are organised though it’s do-able. If you don’t currently self-inject I would recommend asking to learn, if anything just as a back up.

    Hope this helps!


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