I don’t watch trans documentaries anymore

And it makes me feel uneasy each time I see a new on one. First, to make it clear, I know exposure is important to get people thinking about transgender people, discussing it, and for changing baseless negative attitudes.


What I find hard is reading/listening to all the venomous comments that spring up afterwards with people trying to convince others down two main lines 1) That you should take trans people as a joke, and laugh at dillusional behaviour. 2) That they are forming a dangerous precedent that will result in people being harmed, damaged, assulted etc.

Firstly, can’t this whole idea about discussing transgender people’s existence be just tossed out the window, because that is not a discussion. Full stop. Trying to tell someone their feelings are not valid is like telling the moon it doesn’t exist. You’re not getting anywhere. Also, transgender people are not claiming that they are cis-opposite sex, so we don’t need a biology lesson. Speaking for myself, I am very aware that I was born into a female body, and that my DNA will always code a XX. ….So? If we all had to stay exactly how the natural world shaped us, and shun the capabilities of modern medicine, then no one would be having botox, skin grafts, boob-lifts, bionic arms, pace-makers, prosthetic ears, liposuction, vitamen injections, birth control coils etc just to name a few. Why try reject a trans person to the capabilities of modern medicine? In the end of the day it’s there to use to improve lifes, why not?

Are people really concerned it won’t improve our lifes? Why not ask the people who have gone through transition? How many feel better, and how many feel worse? Treatments always have benefits and side-effects, (try reading the entire list of side-effects for something as simple as Ibroprofen), but the reason you still have all the treatments regardless is because the benefits outweigh the side-effects. For many cases (I don’t speak for everyone*) transgender people can be in a dark and confused time before transitioning, and life can seem pointless or hopeless. Transitioning can be a rough path, but the benefits can be literally a breath of life into one that was slowly retreating from the world.

I wish documentories took more time to reach deeper into the reasoning of transgender people, and focussed less on the “entertainment” of showing people the potential surgeries and the “big steps”. Most of transitioning is the everyday life, year by year processes, slowly building from the ground up and learning how to enjoy the delights of the changes piece by piece by piece. It’s Joe-Bloggs stuff, it’s not a circus show. It’s people trying to get on with life and enjoy it, whatever it takes.

So no, will give this documentory a miss, although (with a prayer that it’s a decent one) welcome the random population watching it to start the thought process off for people who are truely in the dark.


*disclaimer* I am not suggesting everyone who is transgender want’s to medically transition.

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