2018 has good vibes

Yep I wrote that title despite being in full flow of a cold and trying to batter away a million worries about the future. Reading many blogs and watching many vlogs, I have noticed that generally most people have got positive hopes for the coming year. I have to agree, plus, in my mind 2018 is a “good” number (does anyone else get “vibes” from numbers?).

For me, it will be a year that steps up the game from 2016 and 2017 when I went off to Uni after a couple of years of bad mental health. I achieved a hell of a lot going off to Uni again, building a foundation as Seb. This time, I will be going futher out, pushing my limts even more by living in a foreign country where I only speak the basics of the language, where the culture is VERY different, and where family will be a 13 hr flight away. All whilst navigating being transgender in a different country too.

It all feels very close now, less than 3 months away.

Wanting to live abroad AND being trans can be the extra complication that puts people off, as things are hard enough to sort out as it is. But right from the start of this transition I was determined that being trans would not put me in a corner and limit my dreams and aspirations. Instead you have to learn to be more proactive, more assertive, judge situations quickly, and sometimes just be willing to simply let things play out. If you can’t, then you find you get stuck in red tape and words of caution that leave you running round in circles.

I’m not going to make any new year’s resolutions, (except for maybe to remind myself not to get wrapped up in the moment and take stuff to seriously – but this is something I work on anyway). I just want to keep on being me, and keep on driving towards what makes me happy in life. Sometimes I feel this world just keeps getting crazier and crazier, and more and more people seem lost and out of touch with life. I think that in the future there is going to have to be a much bigger push towards promoting mental health and healthy lifestyle choices…otherwise it’s going to turn into mega-urban areas of zombies. Saying that, some people are staying ahead of the game with that one, taking part in the real-life “zombie chases” in different cities. I digress.

So, now i’m gunna rest up, eat Jelly and snort decongestant tablets whilst half-watching a bit of shitty TV.  Then look back at this blog in a few days time when recovered and wonder what the hell I was on about. Adios.

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