Transition progress

Looking back it’s been a year of major changes in my transition. Although I started testosterone in 2016, it has been 2017 where my male appearance has matured much more, facial hair has slowwwwwly come in and body shape has subtly shifted day by day. I believe the change to Nebido injections from Testogel shifted the gears of my transition somewhat. They say it does not matter the type of T you are on, as all are designed to give you the same amount, however as a pretty active person, I felt I sweat much of the gel off before it had chance to absorb into my skin.

It’s different now, not being a “newbie” to transition. I see lots of guys going through the start up process on forums and groups online and try give advice when I can. One thing I have noticed however is many of the same questions I asked a couple of years back are still asked, like “what changes will I see when?” “will T make my personality different?” etc. I never really got a straight answer then, and now I understand having been through the process how totally different everyone’s transition is.

  • I’ve had months of fustration watching people get beards after only 5 months on T, whilst I was a year on.
  • I’ve seen people say T changed their behaviour so much they had to come off it, whilst enjoying the calmness it has brought over me
  • I’ve seen people attribute it to their weight, both claiming it’s the reason they have put on loads, and lost loads..whilst also seeing many people like me stay steady
  • I’ve seen people blame being on T for catching a nasty cold…

The list could go on, but there are instances, especially in group support forums etc, where I wish people would not treat their experience as the gospel. Lots of people who can decribe their own experiences whilst showing an understanding that it can be vastly different for the next person is the most help to new-comers to transitioning. Better than someone believing they will have a Gandalf beard after a couple of months and then being sorely disappointed.


Christmas went like a shot, but it was a nice time. Saw the family, eat lots of good food, received some nice prezzies (including a Sushi making course at Yo Sushi! which i’m looking forward to!).

If I had felt able to cut down my hours at work I would have, I have had some exhausting days working Christmas Eve, Boxing Day/general-crazy-sale days. Long shifts of being buffeted around, bending and picking up items people are throwing to the ground, ticking 1000’s of items all QUICK, QUICK QUICK is not fun (although if the manager asks “yeh, this is not bad!” *insert grimace-smile*). At least I only have one more shift then i’m done! Hopfully the extra cash will help with one of the many extra costs that will pop up soon, like getting to London for a visa, buying gear for Japan, luggage costs, and a multitude of other hidden costs (don’t we love ’em!)

I now have booked both my flight and my hotel for the first few nights in Japan. January is round the corner and I think it will be a busy month!. Finding out placement, getting documents in order, oh, and having surgery!

Hope everyone has a good time moving into 2018, year of the dog – apparently a good year for lifestyle changes.

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