The next 3/4 months

Tuesday was my last shift at work, and with it come mixed feelings. It’s strange how as soon as I said I was leaving, it was like people took more interest in me,  what I was doing, and stopped to chat. So I went from feeling very at the peripheral of the staff to feeling like I was creeping in on the last week.

Seriously, what is with that? Maybe a lure to try make you stay.. then as soon as you say “yes i’ll stay on“, things go back to “pre-“i am leaving“? I also think the last week was more bearable because I did not have all the huge pressures of nagging customers to buy company products and get contact details etc. If I did not contribute to the stores targets for the last week, no one was going to complain at me next week!

Anyway, now I have to think about priorities in the next few months.

  1. I really really really need to get sorted with testosterone for Japan. It’s a nag at the back my head all the time. I did finally get the letter outlining my appointment at the GIC (gender clinic) – which stated explicitly to allow me to continue being prescribed Nebido whilst I am in Japan for the year. However, I get the feeling my GP is still not going to be comfortable with this. Affordability is the main issue if more of it goes onto private. In fact the Prostap (hormone blocker) is the most expensive injection of the two – if I could stop that, then things become more manageable. Even then we are talking a couple of hundred pounds a vial.  Tbh, i’m starting to creep towards going out with one vial and then just starting to get it out there.
  2. Pass the JLPT5 – a Japanese proficiency test that i’ve been wanting to do for a while, and I will finally take in December
  3. Pass TEFL course – which i’m valiently getting through even though I’m finding that even the “Elementery Level” English stuff is news to me! A week ago I would not have been able to point out to you a “past simple” sentence let alone differentiate it from the “present perfect”
  4. Be steady off my anxiety meds – I am almost off!!!! Only one 50mg tablet to go. Now to stay panic-free for a sustained period. (*Manic laughing…….*)
  5. Have top surgery revision N#2. Ideally before Christmas.
  6. Sell a load of my gear. As much as possible. Gumtree and freecycle will likely be my friends. As is the bin.
  7. Buy a load of gear. Including travel stuff, basic smart clothing, お土産 (omiyage) which are small, normally food gifts, to give to teachers and important people in Japan and souvenirs to show round. Maybe buy a T-Shirt that says in Japanese “If I look lost, please look after me”
  8. Get all my documents in order – be friggin organised. Visas, certificates, licenses, contracts, guides and generic “important docs” become a minefield, with total chaos a real probability if I don’t get all my shit together and tediously filed.

I get the feeling things will move fast after Christmas. Hopfully I will be able to get some small part-time job (12 hrs or less) after I have recovered from surgery to continue to get a bit of money in.

2 years ago, I was in the grips of a big mental health breakdown

A year ago, I was starting a Masters degree,

Now, I’m preparing to move across to the other side of the world to live and work.

Things definitely are moving forward!


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