1 Year 9 (ish) months on Testosterone

I feel like I have not done a “summary” transition post in a while, so here we go. Part of its for me (records),  part of it is for others starting out transitioning on testosterone to check out what the future could hold (despite it varying wildly from person to person).

  • I am finally feeling happy with the way my facial hair is coming on! For months and months and months it seemed to tease at coming out more, but since being on Nebido progress has stepped up and I now have visable hair on my chin, upper lip and sideburns.
  • I am never misgendered – although most people think i’m roughly 10 years younger than I actually am.
  • My voice has stabilised and I really like it.
  • I have not yet grown to 6ft 5in and morphed into the terminator.
  • If I put in a bit of effort I can build muscle – before it was almost impossible.
  • My hair has receded – I have “devil horns” (very fitting). Sometimes I get anxious about it receding further, sometimes I don’t give a shit.
  • I have dark hair on every part of my body – this is still progressing and I think will get thicker and thicker over the coming years until people start calling the police because they have found the Yeti.
  • Testogel resulted in really stable moods. With Nebido I get a bit tired and emotional during the week before injection. I am hoping this gets less as Nebido builds in my system and I have less big hormone dips.
  • Chest in healing well from revison surgery N#1. Revision surgery N#2 should be to the end of this year. Surgery helped a shed tonne with my confidence.
  • I get hot so much quicker, and sweat so much quicker (and more). I smell more.
  • I have fewer food cravings – in fact I have less general interest in food, however this could be unrelated to testosterone.
  • My mental health has come on leaps and bounds, however this can’t all be attributed to testosterone, lots of others factors in here as well!
  • I am essentially the same person – testosterone does not make “you” disappear, nor does it change your values and/or feelings towards people.

That’s about it. My short term goal is to make it through my shift today without getting desperate enough to find a way to “slip” near the counter, crack my head and go unconscious for a while. My medium term goal is to look like Father Christmas before Christmas Day. My long term goal is to travel to the other side of the planet and start a profession with only instinct and (hopefully) some common sense to guide me.

Work continues to bore the pants off me, I have the weeked off though so will have chance to recover and hit the gym for the first time in ageeeeeeees.

Comparison pic: day 21 vs day  644 (week 3 vs week 92)

3 thoughts on “1 Year 9 (ish) months on Testosterone

  1. The results are totally incredible. Looking at the most recent photo, I would never have thought you were born in a female body. It’s actually amazing.

    I have a friend who is about to start T in the New Year, and maybe it would be helpful, if you don’t mind, explaining the process of transitioning? As in, I can’t remember if you said you’d had surgery yet, but if so, how did it go? How long after you’d started hormones did this happen? Were there many side effects or things you weren’t expecting?

    Forgive me if I seem nosey, it’s just that we’re both a bit in the dark and unsure at the moment. I understand if you don’t want to discuss certain things, that’s fine :).

    Peace to you!
    Bea 🙂


    • Thanks 🙂
      I have had top surgery, peri-aerola in December last year, so about 9-10 months after starting testosterone. I have needed it revised though, so first revision was September this year, and next will hopfully be this year too (they have been to reduce nipple size, areola size and take more out).
      Despite the revisions I am glad I choose peri over double incision (I was lucky to have the choice) as I was keen not to have the extra scars if it was not 100% nessessary. I’m still considering lower surgery but def not in the next few years.
      Are you in the UK? If so it is possible on the NHS to get top surgery within a year of starting hormones if you “tick all the right boxes” so to speak (and you want it ofc). As soon as possible, let your GIC know that you want top surgery and what type and show them that you’ve done your research.

      Side effects of T.. I suppose I did not count on it stabilising me so much.. although its hard to know what to pin on T and what is the secondary effect of being more content because of the changes T brings. Basically my mental health was much worse before all of this.
      Also I did not prepare for adjusting to the world seeing you as a guy of approx 10 years younger (a magic trick of T). It’s amusing at first but then can kinda get fustrating as it can be hard to be taken seriously.
      Many other side effects I was expecting, especially most of the body changes, which is what people seem to talk about most.

      Hope this helps, happy to answer any more Q’s you have 🙂


      • So sorry, didn’t get a notification for this! Thank you for your very detailed and helpful response 🙂 I will most certainly pass this onto my friend. I am in the UK, yes 🙂
        Obviously it has it’s difficulties-but what you’re doing is really courageous. It’s not easy having to fight to be who you really are, but it is very admirable. From the pictures you sometimes post, there is most certainly a huge difference, there is no doubt that you look manly: that’s not just me saying that, I genuinely believe that it’s going really well.
        Keep up the bravery! Sharing your fight as you are will bring so many people comfort and reassurance 🙂
        Bea x

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