Gender clinic app and BIG news

A big piece of news I have got recently – I have been accepted into a company where I will be teaching English next year – IN JAPAN!!!!!!! Sometimes words don’t convey emotions properly, and I don’t think that exclamation marks fit the bill, so imagine me jumping so high that I smash my head on the ceiling and spend the afternoon concussed. I have not been talking much about this, as I did not dare believe it could happen, but I have the email in front of me, its real!. With regards to this blog and the future, I want to continue writing it despite how tricky it may be at times, because I think I can give an angle which I can find hardly anything on: Being a trans forgeiner in Japan.

Takeshita Street

As you can imagine, my mind is ablaze with question marks over how to deal with several “trans” issues in Japan. Firstly, there is the issue of hormones. Japan does not prescribe Nebido. If precribed T in Japan (possible) I would have to travel to a dedicated clinic once every 1-4 weeks to get a doctor to inject a random type of testosterone. Hence doing everything in my power to go out there with it! Here is my experience in the UK so far – some things will be similar for any foreigner though.


  1. Approached GP – said NHS won’t provide a year’s worth. Told to think private or contact GIC and see what they say. Cue handy GIC appointment!
  2. Yesterday I made the sluggish journey half way across my country to get to the GIC (gender identity clinic). The consultant was extremely helpful, and is writing a letter to my GP asking pretty please can you precribe Seb with a load of Testosterone and needles etc.
  3. If the GP won’t give out bulk at least my parents can pick it up every 3 months and post it to me *cringes inwardly at cost of shipping*
  4. I will need to apply for 4 seperate “Yakkan Shoumei” certificates – Nebido, Prostap, needles x2 sizes (more on that in future posts).

Other topics I will be addressing:

  • Cultural attitudes to being trans in Japan
  • Onsen
  • Bathrooms
  • Teaching
  • Monitoring and general health care (including insurance)

Thats all I can think of for now, but if anyone has other suggestions feel free to comment  :-). I will probably comment on how my anxiety is doing from time to time – by the time I am out there I will be totally off my anxiety meds. *gulp*

Going back to my GIC appointment – basically everything is going fine. My T levels are on the low side but adequate. Chest is healing and can exercise next week. Feeling great in my transition. Want to create Abs and build up chest and shoulder muscle again!

Work – For now I slowly rot away at work. I have taken some tips from you guys and have been stretching before shifts, which has helped take away a bit of leg pain. I also sit my feet in freezing water after every shift to cool them down. I do “work” related activites with great enthusiasm –

  • Pissing off customers by not knowing how to do returns, enquiries, gift cards, accounts (in fact anything).
  • Walking round in circles whilst smiling and mentally drowning the singers of the repeated tunes playing.
  • Unfolding perfectly folded clothes – then refolding them a bit shitter
  • Breaking stock taking machines
  • Carefully arranging the bottom shelves (which, Oh! just happens to give me an oppurtunity to sit down for 5 minutes!)

At least now I have Japan in my head to remind me this is not permenant! Next week I do my first self injection of Nebido at home – should be an interesting experience. Will let you know how that gets on!


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