Revision surgery

Morning 🙂

I had top surgery revision this Monday past. This surgery had two aims:

  1. Liposuction – take out some of the stuff that had been left in first time with peri
  2. Nipple reduction – take them down in height and width

I will then have further surgery 3/4 months away to reduce areola size and tighten the skn around my chest. For both these its under general anesthetic. Im pleased to say that recovery is a shed tonne easier than last time! OK it’s still awkward, arm movement is restricted, my chest pangs and twinges and throbs on and off, but it’s nothing compared to the main surgery I had last December.

  • I was in at 12.30pm and out by 5.30pm the same day
  • I don’t have drains
  • I only needed to wear the post-op binder for 1 day, now its compression for for just one week
  • I take the dressings off myself in 10 days – no post-op appointment needed
  • So far I have not needed any extra medication, even though I have a back up of paracetamol, ibroprofen and codeine
  • I can walk around, get into bed and go to the loo without struggling
  • I had a smaller dose of anesthetic so the dozy affects have not lasted so long

The staff at the day-op centre were all dead nice and made it an easy process. I did have one moment after the surgeon talking about general anesthetic and drawing on my chest where i was like “arghh, what am I doing, I don’t wanna put up with all the pain/recovery again!” But that passed, and i’m glad it did cause as i’ve said, its not been half as bad. I just had to go to my GP’s yesterday and get one of the dressings re-done as it was saturated in blood and looking a wee bit gory. I saw my left nipple as this was being done, a tad more gory.

Now just counting down the days until I can exercise again – jump, lift weights, hop, dance, shimmy, and generally get back to annoying people properly. Also dealing with reduced anxiety meds now – a third cut off my dose. Seems to be going fine as we speak, and feels good to be slowly getting off them. Just a little bit more shaky than normal. I had a month before I reduce again, and my GP surgery have been great in giving me lots of control over the reduction – I have the flexibility to go up again if I need to.

Currently, sometimes I feel like everything is too slow and that I am getting nowhere. Other times I feel like loads is happening all at once! I’m trying to not overthink (which is hard where there is not a dissertation distracting your mind) and stay focused on the simple, main goals of the coming weeks and months.

  1. Recover
  2. Find a job
  3. Get job in Japan secure
  4. Find some cheap but comfortable accommodation

Easy right?

Lake Idwal 5.JPG



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