More pointless trans rules

Last battle to be able to stay in Wales looks defeated. Despite studying here for a year and wanting to find a job round here, at least in the short term, I will have to move away in September. It’s all because of the differences in funding between NHS England and NHS Wales. With NHS England, you can go to any Gender Identidy Clinic (GIC) you choose. Being with a GIC is essential for your transition. It give you access to being assessed by a professional, which in turn gives you access to being prescribed hormones and being referred to surgery(s). NHS Wales don’t have their own GIC – they used to, but budget costs shut ’em down. Everyone in Wales wanting access to a GIC has to go to London Charing Cross, as this is the only GIC NHS Wales will fund.

Well“, says I originally, “this is fine, I am already with a GIC (further North), so NHS Wales will have to keep funding for me going to an ongoing secondary care unit

Computer say’s no“, says the system. “You have to cut off your care at the other GIC, spend 2 years on a waiting list to Charing Cross that is currently blocked/delayed for Welsh patients because of arguments over funding (heard through the grape vine), then have a starter meeting with Charing Cross, then on your second meeting start talking about referrals”


Computer say’s no


The problem I have, is that IF I were to get a referral for lower surgery, then I could get one in the next 4-8 months with my current GIC, compared to the circa 2.5 years if I swapped. That referrel would be the last thing I need the GIC for – my hormone care could now be taken on by an endocrinologist. It’s just so friggen awkward and annoying. It makes me feel trapped due my health care and it surprises me that NHS Wales can act like this towards transgender people from England, it’s basically pushing people like myself to stay away from the country. Surely the funding differences between a London clinic and a Northern clinic can’t be that different??? (if anything I would think the Northern ones to be cheaper).

I think the decision has probably been made by some finance minister people with no knowledge of trans issues, bogged down in bureaucracy, thinking it would make funding issues easier to concentrate on one clinic, where in reality it’s just caused one big headache. Particularly for recent graduates from Welsh Universities who have fallen in love with the country and are willing to invest their time in staying and calling it home. Rant over.

Lets insert a picture of me happily crabbing to lighten the mood.

Crabbing Seb (2)


I think being due my shot next week is making me snappier and sleepier. I have wayyyy less energy, which is shit because I have an exam on Saturday. I spent 3 hours during the day yesterday just sleeping.

I’m not nervous at all about self-injecting Nebido, I have a pretty high pain tolerance and needles don’t freak me out. Just wanna get it done. Bring on T-shot day.

My facial hair keep on coming through at the moment. It’s kinda fustrating though cause I can see the gains, but to someone 2 metres away there is nothing there, ‘cept maybe a bit of a moustache shadow.

I got misgendered this week

It was shit

I was working in a computer room with a woman beside me. A dude comes in with a woman, glances round the room, then say’s

“Are you ladies the only two in here?”


Then the woman beside the guy awkwardly said

“Umm, thats not a lady…”

He kinda mumbled some shit, and then they did some stuff on the computers in the room. When he spoke over to us again, he only ever looked at the woman near me. He would not look me in the eye AT ALL.

To be honest it really shook me up for an hour or two. I felt like I had been shot back a year and a half to the old struggles I thought I was way clear of. But i’ve spoken to a few people about it, and I think all that happened was:  he glanced real quick round the place – I dont have facial hair – maybe he just said it automatically…and I think he was pretty embarrassed afterwards – hence the no looking at me thing. So i’m OK, it has not dragged me down for weeks into a slump, it was just a bit of a jolt. And something that could have happened to a cis-guy, but without having the transition history, they would probably not think half as much about it as a personal thing than I did.

Anyway, I’m sure these blogs get longer the more work I have to do.. avoidance tactics!  See you next week 🙂



2 thoughts on “More pointless trans rules

  1. I understand how frustration Wales is with trying to transition on the NHS, I am Welsh and they practically booted me out of the door, despite having appointments with various doctors for over 2 years. My advice to anyone in the same position is to get out as soon as you can, I was lucky enough to be able to afford private care, which made my life so much easier. The extra cost is worth it, just by the way they talk to you, let alone how quick they are with referrals and getting you onto hormones. The Welsh NHS’ services for helping transgender people is in a shambles, they made 2 years of struggle 10x worse, and then expected me like you, to wait another 2 years for Charing Cross. If there was someone to complain to who I think would actually listen, I would, but I don’t think anyone’s listening, and that’s the problem.
    Hope everything works out for you with whatever path you choose 🙂

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    • Thanks,
      Yeh I wish there was an easier way for our experiences to be heard by the people who make these decisons.
      I find the NHS GIC i’m with really good, and I think most of them have good Drs, it’s just the bulk of administration and crap that goes with it all which swamps them.

      I’m surprised there is only one private GIC in England now, would have thought more Drs would have spyed an opportunity to earn a quid or two!


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