Injection & surgery updates

Morning, two major bits of progress this week!

  1. Self-administeration of Nebido sortedTick

Regular readers may remember I wanted to self-inject the last one, however was stopped just before the finishing line by the nurse, who ended up doing it instead. In the normal “doing the rounds” NHS way of progress i’ve been batted from one person to the next, to the next, with large gaps of time in between. Thankfully my GP was in action mode when I saw her last week to update on the lack of progress and sorted out, there and then, a nurse who was willing to teach me for my next shot in late July. It’s only taken about 4 months to sort out (slight sarcasm). But seriously, i’m just happy it’s one less thing to arrange. In a couple of months time I will be able to let you know if Nebido is as painful to self-inject as people make out! (something to look forward to! :-p)

2. Saw my top-surgery surgeon about revisions – Tick

This was something of a blur, an hour and a half travelling from parents house, 10 minute appointment, hour and a half back. I was out the appointment before I was scheduled to be in for the appointment. But I knew what I wanted, and I was clear on asking for it – liposuction, nipple reduction, areola reduction. The liposuction they umm’ed and ahh’ed a little bit about. Apparently most the extra bulk I see is pecs not fat. But in my eyes, if I am kinda slim now and have fat there that I don’t like, if I gain weight and more fat goes there I will really not like it. Might as well get it sorted now. I will have two surgerys:

a) Liposuction and nipple reduction – in around 3 months time (which is good because I don’t have to think about Uni, and summer will be mostly over)

b) Areola reduction – A slight chance this might not be needed if the above operation makes them contract more.

Both of them day surgeries, the first with a tube grip for 4/6 weeks (ffs). Both no exercise for a month 😦 . Once it’s done though, it’s done, never again to be needed! The surgeon was fine with doing revisions, answered all my questions and was efficient and friendly. I feel confident they will do a good job.

Transition updates

This is mainly focused on facial hair. And to my pleasent surprise, minoxidil appears to be working for me! I’m about 5 weeks in of using 0.5ml once a day on my face. I now have a fuller ‘tashe and dark hairs on my chin are coming through in a patchy fashion. Light hairs on cheeks are still light but getting thicker and growing in faster. Now…as a scientist by training, I realise this could be a coincidence, it could be to do with testosterone doses changing on Nebido, or it being summer and my face is a thriving perennial. However it has freaked me out enough for me to refuse to halt taking Minoxidil until even more hair is present…I don’t want to risk it all falling off. After a year and 4 months I think i’m due my share of facial hair.

Also I took my last packet of testogel on Tuesday, never to be had again! This was really cool, no longer the annoying 5/10 mins of waiting for it to dry, of trying not to get sweaty for 6 hrs (impossible in my case). So yeh, goodbye gel, i’m still thankful for all the changes you’ve given me!


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Comparison Pic: day 14 vs day 511 (week 2 vs week 73)

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