Switching methods

For the first time, in over 450 days, I did not take my daily Testogel ration 😮 !!!

I forgot to take the sachets back to my parents house over the weekend and thus spent 3 days gel free, which felt — not right. Like I was missing something important. Like I had started the day leaving my ear on the bed. So close to perfect record as well, if I had just lasted another 6 weeks before I stop them anyway, I could have said I NEVER missed a dose! Anyway…

I am now officially on Nebido. Since 02nd May 2017. And no, I did not get taught to self inject. Let’s whiz through the story…

Me to Nurse (2016): I think the GIC is saying I can self-inject Nebido

Nurse (2016): Hum, doubt that, if its one in your bum

Me to GIC (2017):Can I self-inject Nebido? My nurse seemed unsure it is OK…

GIC (2017):Sureee, yeh a few guys going to the clinic do it, i’ll just write on your notes that its OK and to procede. It’s a big one but diabetics do similar often enough

Me to GP: GIC says I can self-inject, can that be sorted out?

GP:Yes I don’t see why not, i’ll get it all booked for you

Me to Nurse (May 2017): So, am I self-injecting today?

Nurse (May 2017):  No, we do not have any protocol to do that, and can’t get in touch with the GIC to ask how we can go forward or teach you how to do it

*Major sigh*

So basically I have to wait 3 months until next time now when hopfully it will be sorted out. So the nurse did the injection, she:

  • Talked about it being thick and hard to get in, needing force
  • Said it’s best to warm in hands for a few minutes first
  • Said I could stand or lay down, laying down better for relaxing the bum
  • Said about it being injecting into upper quater of bum
  • Explained about drawing it out, changing needle, expelling air, and injecting
  • Then injected it in like 5 seconds straight (I kid you not)

I had said to her that I had heard other people talking about how it needed a good 40 seconds odd to go it, so that the oil did not damage the tissue. She whamed it in however. I noticed on my boxers afterwards that there was blood and a bit of fluid, so some came out, I just hope it was not much. I did not feel pain at the time, but it still aches now more than 24 hrs later. I am definitely going to tell her to slow it down next time – wait. hopefully I will be injecting the next one! She also injected the Prostap (blocker) which hopefully I will self-inject next time too!

Note, I did not go mad in that situation, I just said “OK, fine, let’s get on with it” and just moved on. You gotta pick your battles right? I have enough on my plate at the moment without chasing up and complaining about that. You get used to things not going to plan when your transitioning via NHS in the UK! At least T is in my system. So I continue to take testogel for 6 weeks (as soon as I got home I shoved on a packet of gel even though it was evening) then leave it 2 weeks and get a blood test.

Anxiety is building. I’m feeling a bit despondent about my dissertation. I can’t seem to get in the right frame of mind to start it. I am however, accessing all the channels I can. I have an appointment booked with my personal tutor, trying to get one with study mentor, and arranging one with supervisor. I think I just need to start putting pen to paper regularly, my supervisor seems to want me to take charge and not give much guidence, so maybe thats just what I have to get used to. Just take a stab at it and hope it all works out. Also started job applying/hunting. Oh, and volunteering starts this morning…..Arghhhhhhh

I’ll note each week if I get any strange side effects from the change over to Nebido. So far i’ve just felt tired and achey, but that could be down to the lack of gel for two days and a 9 mile walk the other day. Oh, and on a side note, I might just have brought some Minoxidil 😀

Comparison pic: day 1 vs day 469 (week 0 vs week 67) roughly 1 year 4 months – just started Nebido.

2 thoughts on “Switching methods

    • Nebido is 1000mg/4ml. It’s administered in a thick, oily solution that means it very slowly releases the dose. Some people find that they have to have it every 10 weeks, or 14, but the standard is 12. Gender Dr has warned me that one downside of it is that if you don’t keep an eye on it can build up in your system. Of course the massive plus side for most people is the frequency of the dose.

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