Neck hair

Oh yes, the neck hair is mounting it’s attack! I was just washing my hands looking into the mirror when my eyes popped out their sockets a bit –  I spotted long, fair, thin threads poking out my neck! Like they had just sprung up over night! Either that or you can only spot them in an upstairs bathroom, on a Thursday, whilst slightly stooped over washing hands, leaning neck to the right slighty, stood in the suns rays coming through the window at a 70 degree angle. Regardless, they are there. Which is cool cause I was starting to think whether I should try slapping on a bit of Minoxidil (can make your hair grow on your face, but mysteriously not on your head, where all it can do is help stop it dropping off)

I am getting prepared for my first Nebido shot next week, it seems to have come around fast. I have heard good and bad things about this form of preperation of testosterone. One thing some people say is that transfering from testogel to nebido can cause some of the more intense side-effects rear up again, things like mood-swings, hot flushes, acne and sweats. So i’m prepared for that (as much as you can be). I think the whole idea of staying on slowly decreasing levels of testogel whilst on the loading phase of nebido is a good thing. So i don’t drop off the scale whilst Nebido gets settled in.

Learning to self-inject is going to be a fun situation. Not only am I going to squeezing 3 months worth of Nebido into my backside, I am also going to be shooting up with 3 months worth of Prostap (blocker) – also learning to self inject in my arm. My awesome GP has sorted out the whole thing, so it will be a nurse who knows what they are talking about, not one who wants me to push the thick Nebido solution into my left calf in about 5 seconds or something like that. So i’ve heard Nebido can hurt. Like a bruise? or something. Well, I have to take a 5 hour, 3 change train journey back straight after the jabs (yep, I am travelling back to home county for these jabs) with all my luggage to haul around, then a 25 min walk across town to my house. Ahh to be trans.

Top surgery talk

I’m starting to get more sensation in the left side of my chest. I can feel my nipple, and around it, although the feel is..strange. Like touching it over a barrier of thick bubble wrapping paper. Right side has less feeling. Healing is going well, and currently the scars round the areola seem quite thin, although I know that can change as months go by. The skin is very slowly tauntening (is that a word?) up. It’s been 4 and a bit months, so in the grand scale of things its not been long. I get the feeling my meeting with the top surgeon in June re: revisions will come round very fast.


I have shirts now for my suit, all I need is to start finding excuses to wear it! Things are pretty slow at Uni currently. My CPN wants to meet more regulaly to start tackling my anxiety more head on, actually going out and doing stuff etc. Bit unnerved by it, but I know it will be a good think. I think the practical stuff works the best when it comes to battling back anxiety. No number of booklets and talking therapy can make up for going out putting yourself in the gut-wrenching situations again and again until you become numb to them and just relax. The problem is having the mental energy to put yourself through that without breaking down. Let’s hope my energy stays OK.

Comparison Pic: Day 35 vs day 462 (week 5 vs week 66 )



2 thoughts on “Neck hair

  1. Ravn Thor says:

    Minoxidil is legit. It works! Just takes time. But it does work.
    Also, if you do get the side effect of acne, go to a dermatologist right away. When it happened to me this winter I wish I had gone sooner to get it under control.

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