Hope everyone had a good Easter break. Mine was good, I got a suit!! :-D. Considering this was something that I had never done before (going suit shopping) it was really quite easy. I was at my parents for the weekend so they came with me, providing me with a steady stream of different items to try on.

I found that suits are measured by chest size, i’m a 38″ from what I recall, and then there are short, medium and long sizes…i was short or medium most the time. Then different styles, like tailored cut, slim fit, skinny, classic etc. I had to stay away from skim fits because I have chunky thighs and sqeezing them in to the trousers was like trying to wedge a chicken thigh into a smarties packet.

Then shirts – which I can not fathom for the life of me why they go by neck size. Maybe there is a good correlation between neck thickness and torso size? I dunno, but I had to destroy a few packets of perfectly folded and packaged M&S shirts before I found the right one (15″ I think). Bits of cardboard and plastic and clips jumped around the changing room all for one shirt and it took all the changing room assistent’s self-restraint not to break down and cry or throttle me.

An then of course the lovely waitcoats….ah the waitcoats. Not included in the price of the suit, this extra item which is only a small bit of fabric costs as much if not more than much bigger items (this brings to mind womans lingerie, the tinyer, the more expensive). So of course, I had to get this.

And repeat this process at 6 stores.

In the end I headed back to the original store (M&S wins as it often does) and knocked a dent in my bank account but came out extremely happy. I still need a shirt and shoes, the shirts in M&S were a bit too expensive in the end. And I got a tie from TKMaX – which my mum had to show me how to knot again because it’s been so long that I had forgotten completely (flash backs to being 7).

Throughout all of this I got “Sir/Mate/pal/buddy” all the time…more “Sir” than I am used to because they seem to train the assistants to be all formal in the suit department. I did not feel awkward at all or have trouble with the male changing rooms. I’ve noticed recently as well that I walk into crowded male public toliets in train stations etc without thinking about it. If all the cubicles are busy, I just walk out again, no biggie. It’s a stage I never believed I would get to, and it’s really helping with my confidence and how I feel presenting myself and even where I let myself go to.

Somethings are taking more time, like I still have some female underwear tucked away “just in case” a monthly episode comes back, even though I have not had one in over a year. On that note I was searching through my pockets of an old summer coat on the train the other day and pulled out a monthly pad in front of a few people. I think my eyes almost bulged out my head as I thrust it back in. But yeh, some things take time and i’m learning to just get on and let it all happen at the pace it happens.

Relatives noticed chin/’tashe hair at the weekend, it got pretty long! I’ve trimmed it back again now so I’m not looking like a billy goat. Looking foward to getting my first shot instead of injections. I think gel is slowly stopping to be as effective on me – too much body hair! Literally I am still sprouting it as fast as I was only a couple of months in. It’s relentless.

Back at Uni town now, and my CPN’s challenge for me this week – go to the cinema alone – will I manage it?? :-/

Comparison Pic: day 28 vs day 455 (week 4 vs week 65)


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