Should I have a more active role in the trans community?

This question comes into my mind quite often. I feel strongly that transgendered individuals need more support, there needs to be more networking to build these support networks, especially for transmen who tend to be under-represented in trans groups, and that the wider general public need help to understand what it means to be transgender. So I feel strongly…but what am I doing about it?

I write this blog, which never really started to be about my transition journey, but now it’s the main focus 80% of the time. It reaches a few people, not many, but some. But I feel like I could do more.

With one of my old CPN’s I talked about starting a trans-group. And actually, regardless of how terrifing that would be, I was actually interested. The trouble is I move home so damn often. I don’t have a core base, a solid permenent patch that I can call my home town where I can establish and build up a group. Maybe in the future, but not now, and not for a while until I get a job sorted.

What else is there I can do? Well i’m not a “speech” type person, and I am not in any random groups where I can be open about being trans and try educate a bit. I know that I don’t really need to be proactive about it, its just when your part of a pretty small community and you see and hear things that other members are going through, it makes you feel you want to stand up and fight for “your” community. It’s fustrating seeing the same patterns of problems again and again and seeing despite some amazing representatives and volunteers it’s still not enough to tackle everything.

This week has been slow, i’m working on and off, and relaxing a bit inbetween. I’m been doing loads of Japanese studying which has been keeping me happy. My 2 year “coming out” day passed quietly, had a beer and pizza and watched a movie. Starting to casually look at job openings and schemes etc, just getting myself in the frame of mind. I want to buy a suit this weekend in the Easter sales. My first suit!. It’s something I have wanted to do since coming out as transgender, and wanted to wait till after top surgery. I want to find the right one though, one that makes me feel f***ing awesome :-D.

Comparison Pic: day 14 vs day 448 (week 2 vs week 64)

3 thoughts on “Should I have a more active role in the trans community?

  1. Ravn Thor says:

    Congrats on your first suit! That reminds me, I should take advantage of those sales also. What color suit?
    As far as having a more active role in the Transgender community–you do a lot by having this blog. Many folks may not comment but there are lots of readers who find your blog and feel less alone, and your authentic voice as a transman carves space for understanding within the wider spectrum of the world. Other ways is you could start an online support group of some sort since you move a lot. Where I live, there is an FTM Brotherhood group in a town 3 hours away, but I’m still active in the facebook group page. I even marched with them last year at Pride. I guess what I’m saying is that there’s so much you can do but do what you can, with what you have, where you are. =)

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    • Heading off shopping tomorrow morning, I’m thinking blue, a dark blue maybe! Yeh thats a good idea, would be good to have an online group of people, the closer the better to maybe meet up one day – even if not often.
      Thanks for your comment πŸ™‚ , hope you have a good Easter, and get something good in the sales!

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