Catch up

I’m now a keen early morning gym go’er! I get up in the pitch darkness, eat a slice of toast, do some stretches and head off and get back all whilst most of the town sleeps! Running still hurts too much, so I do bike and few leg weights and stuff and some “hill walking”. Feeling glad to have more exercise back in my life. It boosts my mood during and afterwards. I think the staff there think i’m mad. I kinda bounce in at 6.15am full of energy. Seem to just be wired that way!

I saw my CPN again this week, nothing too much going on yet (just 3rd meeting) but we had a bit of a moan about the availability of trans groups in the area. There is a main one for a larger part of the area round here but you should see the website. Basically although it calls itself a trans support group, you can tell it pretty much only caters for transwomen. The pages are all pink and flowery (I know that does not = “for women” but you can tell that’s the drift here) and all the pictures are of women (im guessing transwomen) meeting and doing stuff etc. Not one picture of a guy or someone who appears to be male presenting. I think it is great that there is a strong transwomen support group, but it should either leave it at that and change it’s name or try attract and welcome transguys! The search continues…

It is 8 weeks since top surgery now, and FINALLY I have got to the stage where I can stretch in (almost) all directions without feeling a painful tugging sensation. A large area on each chest side feels numb to touch, and I can’t feel any nipple sensation. It does not bother me currently, but would be nice if these things came back in the future. Still don’t feel like I can swim yet.

I am seeing my dissertation supervisor today. Pretty. Damn. Nervous. I have been going through it a bit with my CPN though and hopfully I can get through it and get what I need out of it. CPN made the (very true) point that he is essentially there to help me complete the dissertation: it looks bad for him if I do bad, so he should be supportive. By the time you end up reading this i’ll hopfully be sat with a coffee relaxing and thinking “that was not so bad”.

Had progress on the housemate front, making a bit more of a stand now with the one who has their partner living in their room now. Hopfully things will change soon, cause it’s not legal and i’m spending money on products to support an extra person (and they did not get anything when it was just one of them!). Student living.  Only 6 and a bit more months of it thankfully.

Brief post this week as a s*** tonne of work has suddenly been dumped on me. So i’m working full days and into the evening + trying to balance appointments and gym. Hope everyone is having a good week 🙂

Comparison Pic: day 14 vs day 385 (week 2 vs week 55)



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