3 weeks post top surgery

Happy New Year , あけまして おめでとう  ございます!

Post Top Surgery Update: Things have been going pretty smoothly.

  • Swelling is going down a little bit now.
  • I am still having a constant “rubbing/burning irritation” around the top of my chest and sides. Most of the rest is still numb.
  • I have a better binder – for £10 online I got a “rib brace” that does OK at the job
  • I still can’t sleep properly – the compression/binding just makes it uncomfortable.
  • I have about 95% range of motion now. I tried driving the car on Tuesday though and I got spasms in my chest so had to stop. Other things I can do just a little rusty, like pulling on tops overhead.
  • I have about 30 mins a day with my binder off now – for sanity’s sake. I have decided from the 4 week mark I will start just using a compression top at night and during the day a mix of both compression top/binder depending on mood.
  • I think I still have the remains of a stitch in one side (from drain site) – not in the other – is it meant to be there? I have no idea if it is dissolvable or not, maybe its not even there and just feels like one…
  • Blisters are taking forever to fade
  • I hate binding

So yeh, all in all a good recovery in terms of results and physical healing.

Life: Seems forever now since I was at Uni. It’s a long break you get over Christmas, and with the operation happening as well it’s made it feel like pre-14th Dec was a long time ago. Revision is wearing me thin a bit. I do 35 minutes on, 5/10 minutes off all day except lunch where I take about 45 mins. I’m sure my attention span is shorter than it was when I did my undergraduate degree. I have to force myself to read and re-read at points when the topic is not down my street, so to speak.

New year was quiet and simple — Food, drink, TV, sofa, —> midnight? Good –> Bed.

It’s the first time that that kinda thing did not upset me or bother me in any way. But I suppose next years eve I could be raving at a beach party, running into the sea and consuming too much salt water.

My mood has been pretty damn stable as well. I’m almost starting to rely on it being stable too, if that makes sense? Before I was always wary of my mood, unsure where it might take me, but these past few weeks it does not really cross my mind.

I’ve been watching quite a few videos this week of transguy’s around the world, and reading blog posts. It never ceases to amaze my how many of us are up against this pretty damn big uphill struggle and are willing to share and reach out to others regardless of idiots out there etc. So many of us expressing this process in so many unique ways just shows the world that transgender people are not a “one size fits all” category. And the bulk of us are just trying to live normal lives and get on with stuff. It’s just acknowledgement that there is going to be stuff that’s not “normal” that you encounter/have to go through and so talking about it and sharing it is a good way of trying to make sense of it all  🙂

Maybe this week you see my ‘tash? Or maybe not, but is coming back stronger every time I trim it now! I’m loosing arm muscle and ab’s (cause I can’t work out) – half way there now though before I can start up again. Also not long now until I’ve been on testosterone for a year! Depending on how I’m feeling about it, I *may* do a topless pic soon to show results, still deciding. Hope everyone is doing well, and thanks for the comments and likes  😀

Comparison Pic: Day 1 vs Day 350 (Week 1 vs week 50)

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