Being Single + Top Surgery updates

Being single sucks (when you don’t want to be)

Especially when everyone seems partnered off. Holding hands, hugs, kisses, closeness, backing each other up etc. whilst you just stand or sit there like a spare part, the odd number. I can kinda see why so many films get made about it, cause it really is so awkward, difficult and at times sad and fustrating. Not all the time, just noticably so over Christmas! OK, got that off my chest, now onto the other thing I got off my chest….

Top surgery news

Friday: had my bandages and dressings taken off – *attach this sentance with a lot of emotion*. The sticky dressings coming off stung a bit but nothing too bad. Taking out the stitch over each drain site “pulled” a bit also which was a bit of a queasy feeling, but again, nothing too bad. In terms of the drains actually coming out, I did not feel that at all! I am still pretty much totally numb around drain area and most of chest area. The nurse was lovely and put a big plaster over drain and blisters on sides, and gave me some extra plasters. I then have micropore tape that I will be using for the next 3 months to go over my areola area, like a box shape of 4 pieces surrounding the nipple. I have to change that every week, and it is waterproof. I got given a reel and some scissors. She then went off with a list I had of questions and came back with:

  • 4/6 weeks even for swimming or running exercise, 6/8 for weights, basically walking only for now.
  • I have to compress my chest for 6 weeks (so 4 weeks left now)
  • I can sleep on my front now
  • I could wash as soon as plasters came off and drain holes looked sealed and not weeping – said check on Monday (I checked, was fine and I showered!!!!! felt so good! I was ultra careful cause I really dont wanna mess it up so only let trickels of water go over my chest)

I then reluctently put the tight compression bandage back on (they dont give you a new second one even if your old one is blood stained and grimy) and that was it. Had some strange waves of nausua over the next 24 hours, dunno if it was my body responding to a foreign object being taken out of me or maybe drainage fluid no longer having an escape, but thankfully that passed.

My healing has been going really well since. I would also say I have 90% mobility back now. To be honest I think I have been taking things a bit too fast and impatient, I have been doing longish walks and carrying stuff a little bit heavy, afterwards I feel knackered and my chest has a tingling throb to it. I am also putting stuff (clothing) over my head when I should not really for another week. I still cant reach high things without it hurting and sleeping on my sides or front is not comfortable yet. I can’t find a compression “brace” that is comfy so I have actually been wearing an old binder a bit (which I vowed I would never touch again). That I dont like, but I just gotta do it to get some half decent sleep. I still can’t sleep a whole night which is annoying too, I think the aches and pains wake me up.

I’m just starting to get used to my new chest, only just though. I dont think I will really be able to until I don’t have to bind and the numbness has gone. It great to be on the other side of this surgery, and I get the feeling it’s going to make a huge difference to me in the future. Just gotta remember to take small steps now in recovery πŸ™‚

Life stuff

As I write this the holiday season is wrapping up and tucking away into a hidy-hole until next year. I’m relieved, as social stuff has been very intense. I’ve seen some relatives who had not seen me in a whole year – so pre-T time. Thankfully that all went OK, with no one being OTT about it or saying werid stuff. I’m looking forward to a bit of peace now and just trying to get my head down and get some revision in. I also have to decide on a dissertation topic before the 20th of Jan. Next blog will be in the new year. Am I doing anything for it? Nope. Which does not bother me too much, will just chill out on New Years Eve. I’m not really a new year’s resolution type of person either, although I might try write something a bit more special for the next blog to “celebrate” :-p.

Comparison pic: Day 21 vs day 343 (week 3 vs week 49)

9 thoughts on “Being Single + Top Surgery updates

  1. Although it’s most certainly an incredibly hard journey, you’re well on the way! You have a lot of courage for putting your story out there for the world to see and I’m sure you’ll have influenced the mindsets of so many people. I always love your posts and you should be very proud of yourself! I have a lot of respect for you πŸ™‚

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