On the other side!

On Wednesday I was up at 5am and off with my parents by 5.30am to the hospital for 7.30am. Top surgery time!

Was a mix of excitment and nerves, but really more excitment. I was taken straight to my own room, complete with free tv, wardrobe, chair and ensuite!. Soon after I had checks to make sure it was me, get tagged, right surgery etc. By 8am I had found out I was first in line for surgery that day and could expect to go down any time after 8.30am!

I saw the anesthetist and the surgeon shortly after 8am, and was drawn on (he kinda sketches all over your front like an artist). And then I got into the fabulous hospital gown and compression stockings. Then had to wait about 30 minutes and it was time. Said bye to my parents and shoved on slippers to head down to theatre.

Nerves started increasing a bit here, think the whole idea of falling asleep and someone was going to be cutting into my body. Bit freaky. Think this was why from this point onwards all the nurses and medical staff just asked me 101+ questions about everything and anything. I remember a pre-surgery room to double check it was me and take off slippers, then another room where I hopped onto a bed. They stuck a painful cannula in (my hands were cold so it was hard for them to hit the vein), draped me in blankets and put a mask on my face (questions still flinging my way), then got an injection, and was offff…..

I woke up in the recovery room, full of noise. I was in no pain for a minute, then it started to arrive, so nurse dosed me up on painkillers. Apperently i’d been slow to come round (I must have just needed a good sleep).  Then dozed on and off until taken up to my room again.

Saw my parents for a bit and got a cool Father Christmas toy to brighten up the room. Then I was constantly sleeping on and off again. The surgeon came in later and opened up my bandaging, so I saw my chest briefly, from the blurry drug fueled look I had it seemed good! He seemed really pleased anyway and said he would be back tomorrow to check up.

I managed to eat dinner and watch some tv, then spent a fragmented night hearing loud hospital noises, and getting nurses in every 5 minutes (felt like) checking on something, from meds to blood pressure (which was always low). I had these cool inflatable wrap round things on my legs which alternativly blew up and deflated to keep circulation in my legs and feet. Then morning came.

Ate an average breakfast of semi-warm toast and mild jam. Still felt knackered. Kept falling asleep watching morning tv. Surgeon came in again and opened up bandages, saw my chest again very briefly. Strange feeling, it almost does not feel like mine yet, if that makes sense? It’s like looking down and seeing a diagram or someone elses chest. I think I need to be able to touch it and feel sensation from it for it to feel real.

Surgeon gave me a choice of leaving on Thursday or Friday, and I chose Thursday, so just spend the rest of the day half sleeping waiting for a lift.

So I am home with a friggin tight bandage round my chest which will stay on for another 12 days. And two drains, which I have special bags for or can slot in trouser pockets. I have to drain them every morning. I am only on basic painkillers. so paracetamol and ibroprofen. I am very sore and it hurts to stretch. But it feels great to be on the recovery side. It’s going to be very hard now to balance resting and revising. Maybe I need to forget about it today and just chill!

Comparison pic: Day 7 Day 329 (week 1 vs week 47)

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