Pre-Op done!

With top surgery looming closer I went to my pre-op last week. Sounds simple, whereas in reality it is a bloody long way. Had the appointment at 11.30am and was not back home till 6pm, a drive and 4 trains later.

What happened:

Had my height and weight and BMI taken before I even got into a room. Then moved into Room 1. Here I had to give swabs to check I was not harbouring MRSA, one which was coated in weird black stuff that I had to stick up my nostrils, the other armpits & groin area. Did my blood pressure, which was slightly low, but apparently nothing to worry about for surgery. I did the first of many repeats of my information to check I was indeed Seb, and that I was wanting chest surgery (not brain surgery or arm replacement etc.). Then onto room 2.

Room 2: This was the main bulk of talking, I had the nurse from before (student) + main nurse. Here they checked that I was healthy (anecdotally), who my next of kin were, who was going to the surgery with me, when I was going home, where to, if it had a bathroom and bedroom on the same level etc. Also went though what to expect before the operation, i.e. coming in early, no food after midnight, no drink after 6am. Also when to take meds, and bringing a dressing gown and slippers and night bag. Then after op care, so padding, bandages, dressings and talked about the drains. Got given a load of leaflets and a bag to put my meds in when I come in for surgery. Then checked all my information again; I was still Seb, and I was still wanting chest surgery, and my date of birth etc still had not changed, so that was good. Then onto room 3.

Room 3: They abandoned me!..or that is how it felt, I was waiting in there for 5/10 minutes just for someone to come take my bloods. Got a different nurse and a student one. They admired my veins (yep I have sexy veins) which they liked so much the nurse offered the student one a chance to drain some blood from one. Thankfully, she said no thanks. Had a couple of vials taken, then checked all my information AGAIN. (btw i’m not complaining, if anything it was reassuring to know they were doing all the checks properly!). Then I was out.

There is now nothing offical left between me and the day of surgery! I don’t have long of this term left at Uni either. It’s helping draw me through the rest of the term, knowing that it’s not long left now. Im dreading the field trip tomorrow, from 9 till 6 … all of it worry about if I can find a safe place for me to go to the toliet. Made worse by the fact we are stopping in at a pub on the way back. I find there the hardest place to have a pee. There is normally only one cubicle which is bound to have something wrong with it – blocked, no one has flushed for 3 days, door locked/broken/gappy/not there, piss on floor, no loo roll. I just have to somehow get by though (probs by not drinking all day).

In the mean time, 2 group assignments have gone in now. Just 2 more left and a presentation. I want them to be released now so I can start them and get them done before surgery, but they are not released until next week.

I see my new CPN soon too. Lets hope that goes well. Feel like I have talked too much (avoiding work) so I will head off. またね! (Bye!)

Comparison Pic: Day 21 vs Day 315   (week 3 vs week 45 )


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