A week in a day

The title sums it up for this week pretty damn good. I’ve been so busy at University that everything is a bit of a blur. I turn back and don’t know how the hell I managed to get through so much.

Transition wise I have some updates.

  • Facial hair improving well. Most of it is still light, but it’s like “thicker” light hair. So when I run my hand across my cheek it feels rougher than before
  • Head hair is coarser, much more so than pre-T. I don’t actually gel my hair any more because the texture has changed so much it just kinda stays in place.
  • I’m still staying warmer. I used to get fast realllly quick. Now I’m more likely to complain it’s hot all the time.

So still subtle things are going on. I am a little impatient with my facial hair but I know how variable it is from one person to the next so trying to just be happy with it doing it’s thing.

Anxiety wise these days, things are variable. I am slowly getting used to being around people a lot of the time again. But I still want to be by myself more than with them…not because I don’t think they are nice people, just because I find it stressful being in the social situations. Small doses are ok, and the more I know someone the better. But several different people all day knackers me out. I still feel out of sync on the social side..but maybe I am finding ways to tolerate it, because I’m still here! I try find comforting routines that keep me calm like same breakfast at same time and same routine before bed when I can.

Top surgery is definitely pulling me through some rough times. Thinking of it just makes me smile. I think how close it is and it makes me want to get this work done and get to that point. I am aware of how much it’s going to take it out of me though. I’m going to be speaking to my personal tutor about how its going to work it and how it might affect my exams if I am a slow healer. I have also started to make a list of things that I need to get for the surgery or afterwards. I asked online about past experiences and have been recommended:

  • V-Pillow + lots of pillows in general
  • Wet wipes for when I can’t shower properly
  • Anti-bac
  • Snacks & fruit to combat potentially bad hospital food
  • Lots of stuff to watch & read afterwards + on surgery day waiting to go in
  • Bendy straws for after surgery to make drinking easier

Any other tips & hints you may have please let me know! 🙂

Halloween is soon upon us! Nothing planned this year 😦 but will be joining in on the fun in spirit. I will be back with an update in November!

Comparison Pic: Day 7 vs Day 280 (Week 1 vs week 40) – I really need to sort out the lighting situation in this place. Hopefully next week will be a better picture!

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