Top surgery set!

You wont believe how crazy happy I am right now! I had my appointment with the surgeon earlier this week and it went better than I could have even hoped for! Mood flip from last week I believe  :-).

So for those of you who do not know the NHS top surgery process, basically you ask your GIC (gender clinic) to get referred to your surgeon of choice (anyone who does top surgery in the UK). You then wait on the surgeons waiting list for anything up to a year depending on the surgeon. You then get a consult date and at that app you get a surgery date, meant to be within 18 weeks but not always.Then the next time you see the surgeon is on surgery day (unless you request another consult).

Well, I saw the surgeon. He was a really nice guy & very professional. Asked me what I expected and about believed measurements. I then had to go through a really awkward and dysphoric 10 mins of actual measurements with him and 2 student doctors. We then talked about:

  • types
  • risks
  • complications
  • realities vs hopes
  • recovery
  • Past examples
  • Extra surgeries – adjustments
  • worries etc

I am having the type that I hoped for but never thought I would be able to get which is amazing, I was in shock and had to ask him to repeat!. Then even better, he asked when I was hoping on getting it done. I said December, and he grimaced a bit and checked his diary… then he got me a slot!

I walked out in a daze! I am now counting down the days. I will be spending two days in hospital, then I can go home with drains in. I go back 8/10 days later to get the drains removed. It’s really good because I should have a while back at home to recover before uni starts again. Bit annoying that I have to go in for a pre-op (MRSA swaps etc.) which will bite into my (massively hectic) Uni time, but I’m so happy I don’t care so much right now!

Uni stuff is really hotting up, I’m working long hours and finding it hard to have breaks. Today I have been on a study trip 9-5.30 then have eaten, showered then have just stopped working at 8.45pm. So much social time that sometimes I want to go into a dark room, curl into a ball and just stay still in the silence for a couple of hours. The boost of the surgery date has kept me going this week though :-).

Annoying that I can’t tell people at uni why I’m so happy! I could I suppose…just seems a bit too personal considering how much I know anyone there yet. I still have a cold, which is stubborn and wont leave but it’s mainly in my chest now so can sleep a bit easier (except for huge annoying coughs just when I am about to drift off). No major testosterone changes this week.

Comparison pic: Day 14 vs Day 273 (Week vs Week 39)

3 thoughts on “Top surgery set!

  1. Lisa says:

    It’s not unusual to want to curl up in a ball and hybernate. I can imagine alot of students feel in that way. But considering your social problems you are doing amazing. And congratulation s re top surgery. Keep it up . Hope that nasty cold goes. 🙂 X

    Liked by 1 person

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