What is spare time?

University is carrying on in full force and the pace is already relentless (and yes this is only day 3).

One thing that’s annoying me more and more is the time I have to spend thinking about the practicalities of transgender stuff. Like in the morning clothing decisions are not your norm. I have to factor in how long I need to be out the house for…more than 3/4 hours? Then I don’t want to wear my binder as it gets suffocating. OK, so compression sports bra (which is very dysphoria inducing). But what clothes don’t show the straps? Which won’t show the lines under the material? Am I going to have to wear a baggy top all day even if it’s boiling in the room?

Then there is packing, and toilet issues. Will there be a quiet bathroom? Will it have a (working) cubicle? Will the cubicle have gaps where people can see feet direction and therefore makes things awkward for me?

And then I’ve just found out for trans health reasons my GP care is going to have to permanently be back home and only temporary here. Which means less access to appointments (unless they sort that out) and complications with meds, and mental health care. ARGHHHHHHH

All this and I’m currently spending 90% of waking hours researching, discussing, listening, writing up and generally being all academic. I want the free time (that poor sorry thing) to be spent doing things I love not chasing up people/calling etc.

Anyway, I quit moaning there. Transition is actually going pretty well, side burns are starting to come in! They are light but they are there! And chin and upper lip hair is going great. I went to the barbers for the first time this week!!!!!!!!!! EVER!!!! So proud of myself, cause that’s taken a year and a half build up. My arm muscles and shoulders are much more pronounced then pre-T now. Back is getting spottier which is annoying. My shaping is really squaring out, I’ve noticed that my thighs have changed shape too..though I can’t quite tell you how. My forearms are getting hairier + all body in general. I’m starting to get more annoyed with putting testogel on (again, a time thing). Hunger is back to normal levels of pre-T.

Wanting to read all my normal blogs from other people but finding it hard to fit in the time which sucks a bit. Appointments with GIC and surgeon soon coming up!

Comparison pic: Day 1 vs Day 252  (Week 0 vs Week 36 ) – roughly 9 months

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