A quick update

So I got into Uni.


The last few days have been a major whirlwind of chaos. I have been travelling to view accommodation, signing forms, cancelling contracts, signing, talking, meeting, panicing, crying, laughing, getting excited, getting down, getting lost…the list goes on.

I will keep it short this week, I don’t have that much time. But I hope to update properly soon.

  • Uni starts on the 26nd of THIS month!
  • I have found accommodation in a house share with 3 randomers.
  • No one at Uni knows i’m trans
  • I leave this flat on the 16th
  • I am basically selling everything – moving from un-furnished to furnished

Im trying to get the most support I can for the year, both physically with a CPN, mental health and transition, and financially, looking at ESA, PIP and DSA. Anything that might stop me dipping and getting as low as I did during my undergraduate course.

I sometimes feel sick with fear and panic. I sometimes think this is exactly what I needed to get out of the path I was on. I just hope i’m strong enough now to deal with the year ahead.

Anyway, i’m knackered and worn thin. I need some sleep, although I get less now, my head wakes me up buzzing with alerts and questions and things I need to remember asap. So I will say goodbye, as always…my transition comparison pic:

Day 1 vs Day 231 (1 day vs 33 weeks)

7 thoughts on “A quick update

  1. It may be logic that you feel sick with fear and panic, but stay calm and stay yourself never pushing things and allowing others to get to know you like you are. Therefore always be honest to everybody but do not haste things. Let only certain things see the light when they have become talk for that day.

    Also give your body the chance to develop into what you want to be … meaning always having enough rest and following doctor’s advice.

    I wish you good luck with your studies and with your future life.


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