Making Plans

It’s been a curve ball of a week. I’ve just been checking out my blog posts back from a year ago. Back then I was excited about just telling the world I was transgender, and the potential of it. I was also fighting really hard with depression, having just had 2 overdoses only a month previous. My anxiety was through the roof and I found it hard to think about tomorrow, let alone a week, months or years.

This week, I have drawn up a rough sketch of a 1/2 year plan for my future.

(Note: If you are only interested in transition stuff, skip to near the bottom)

It started with an interest in a course at a local(ish) college to do forestry/tree surgery. I was more interested in the forestry side of things but I applied anyway with the help of my work/volunteering support worker. Turns out the course costs….get this….£7,500…a year. That’s for two years for a Level 3 diploma. I could get in on loan but I mean…wow. I already have student loans from Uni so £15,000 on top for a diploma seemed excessive. Plus I found the course was more tree surgery than forestry.

Despite my support worker being keen on me to take this “deal” I started to search all over the net and found, a MASTERS. Yep, I kid you not. Something I’d never considered as an option before because I had always looked at more biological masters that held not much interest to me. But I found I could do a 1 year MSc in Forestry for between £4,500 and £8,000. Add accommodation and living etc. on top (again this is a loan, although both have bursary options). And I would much prefer to spend less money doing a 1 year MSc then more for the equivalent of A levels. Plus the MSc gets me doing something that excites me, the management of woodland.

Now, the MSc is harder to get into, I need personal statements, references, UCAS forms, experience etc. It’s not something I want to do this year (only having around 2/3 weeks left realisticly to apply). It’s something I want to do next year. So my plan?

  • Find a part time job, one that helps improve my social skills. I’m thinking around 12 hours
  • Search for more volunteering with anything remotely connected with forestry, even if it’s just once a month
  • Go to postgrad open days and ask a shit tonne of questions to the course leaders to make sure this is really really for me, and my chances of getting a spot
  • Do a part-time day/evening Japanese course in close city – hobby
  • Have surgery (More on this below!!)
  • Apply for MSc in chosen Uni when the time comes
  • Swat up on forestry related news and current affairs.
  • Try finding summer internship with Forestry Company.
  • Use CMHT the best I can so I am really prepared (as possible) for the scary outside world.
  • Apply for funding, sort out accommodation,
  • Made sure all health care (trans and not) gets moved over
  • Do a year MSc
  • Get a job in Forestry management/consultancy!

You know what, it could change, things could shift and it could go in a total different direction. But I have a plan, I made it all myself 🙂 and it gives me something to look forward to in the future.

Transition wise

I HAVE A GOD DAMN LETTER FROM THE SURGEON ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I can’t believe it. It’s been less than a month since my referral, and I now have a date for my consultation. It’s in October, which I fine by me. I hear a rough surgery date is normally set during the consultation for around 4/6 weeks after. So that means i’m looking at a December/January surgery date!! I was jumping up and down in the flat when I got this like a giddy 5 year old.

My voice has been deepening more according to others. I am not hearing the changes as much now, so it’s great to hear that others are. I also have some pretty decent hair coming in on my chin. As always, this transition is really the best. I don’t care that I have to go through puberty twice. Spots and sweat and all, it’s worth it.

I also have a letter now saying that my gender change is permanent, so I am in the progress of trying to fill in a very complicated passport form…

Comparison Pics: Day 7 – Day 105 – Day 175 (Week 1 – 15 – 25)




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