Trip to the GIC


So the other day I took a trip to the gender clinic. This was my 3rd appointment with them, and my first since starting testosterone. Like all my trips to the GIC, I treated it like gold dust. Saying that, I don’t think gold is valuable enough these days so let’s say….platinum dust.

I wanted to talk about 3 things:

  1. Bloods – were adjustments of levels needed?
  2. Top surgery – I wanted a referral
  3. Letter of change for passport

Now, the first one. I was assured by my GP last week that after the cock-up with my missing testosterone tests the first time round, the re-test would be done in time for my appointment. No it wasn’t. It’s a 3 hour drive to the GIC, and my appointment was in the morning. So once at the GIC I called the GP’s to confirm they had the T results and had faxed them to the GIC. Nothing to fax, nothing there. I called a few more times trying to get past the receptionist nuclear warhead-proof wall to my GP but to no avail. I then decided I had to let it go, or risk losing my composure for the whole GIC meeting.

GIC App (only running 1 hour late at 10.30 (i.e. 11.30) in the morning!)

As soon as the GIC doctor saw this had happened he just assured me how common it was, especially in small towns like where i’m from. He then proceeded to spend the next 20 minutes calling (and i’m not joking here) at least 8 different sections of hospitals trying to track my bloods in the labs. I spent all this time sat there cursing the living daylights out of my GP for assuring me this would not happen. I was desperate for the whole damn appointment not to be about chasing bloods. Finally he found the department which then proceeded to tell him that they were busy. I took this opportunity to blurt out:

Actually, I really wanted to talk about top surgery today

Thankfully, he agreed to let up on the bloods. Now they will just let my GP know what adjustments need doing (if any) when they finally get the results.

So, the second one. He asked me what surgeon I was looking at, and I told him. He asked about how long I’d been on testosterone (just over 5 months) and said if there was going to be a sticking point, this would be it. Basically because I’m:

  1. Not overweight
  2. I don’t smoke
  3. I’ve shown that i’m happy with my transition
  4. I’m open to people I know about my transition
  5. I present as male in public all the time

It all means he is happy to refer me. He only thinks there is a chance that the surgeon may want me to wait 3/4 months extra in case there is more fat/muscle re-distribution in my chest as I continue to take T. Now, I’m not sure what percentage chance this is, but I am so damn friggin happy just to get the referral and try. If the surgeon does not think i’m ready yet then I will take his lead, because I don’t want to rush into it if it may hinder my results. I also could not believe I got this referral straight away, I thought I would need 2 signatures (i.e. 2 appointments) but turns out I already have signatures because you get them when you start T.

Third, the letter he just said yes to straight away. Apparently they have a standard template they send out and I will get the letter through the post (better than asking GP who could have charged me!). And then I was whisked out of there.

I think I was in there for 25 minutes. 5.5 hours round trip, 25 minute app (1 hour late) and a stunned me stood there afterwards. The appointment went nothing how I expected. I thought the lack of testosterone result would ruin everything, that they would not refer me for surgery for another 6 months, that I would not have time to talk about the letter etc. So yeh, just wow. Oh, and as a side note, the GIC doctor said my voice sounded like a 12/13 y/o boys. He said he has lots of clients in there 20’s transitioning that end up looking and sounding like they have just hit puberty at 13. Looks like i’m one of them!

Life/psychology/transition updates next week so I don’t fill a book in writing!

Comparison pic: 7 days vs. 153 (1 week vs.22 weeks):





2 thoughts on “Trip to the GIC

  1. I feel you on the voice thing! If you don’t mind me asking, which GIC are you with? I only ask because Daventry seem to be sticklers on waiting a year before top surgery referral.


    • I’m at Daventry. It seemed the concern was more about the surgeon wanting to wait the time rather than the clinic having a problem. I was surprised too because I thought I would hit a block there. I’ll have to wait and see now what the surgeon says!


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