Transitioning Update Week 14

First I would like to thank Austin (T Minus Zero) for nominating me for the Liebster Award, which I thought was pretty cool. I would like to get round to passing it on at some point, so that’s on my “to do” list.

I want to concentrate a lot of the blog this week on transitioning stuff, because I feel I have not done a semi-thorough look at it in a little while.

The Gel/Application

Testogel seems to be working well for me, no skin reactions to it. I don’t know how well the dose is working (50ml, 5g) yet but I have a blood test in a couple of weeks so I will be finding out my levels soon. I would say not say it’s the best way to get your T if you’re heavy on top dysphoria. I have to stand there every morning rubbing all over the top of my body. It’s only for less than 5 minutes and i’m OK with it, but I can imagine it getting to some transguys. I never forget to put it on. I’m heavy on routine, seems ingrained in me as a trait even though I don’t try. Sometimes I need to use my thighs, but most the time my shoulders, upper arms and stomach seem to do.

Changes since starting testosterone

I never dared wish that I would have this many changes only 14 weeks in (only 10 on full sachet). I’ll list them so it’s easier to read:

  1. Muscle definition and size has increased and I’ve put on weight (muscle weight I think). I’ve always worked out, with the same type of effects on my body. Now however i’m getting more bulk and defined areas for the same workouts. Only just started to lift weights in past couple of days so it will be cool to see the effects of this!
  2. My hunger has increased which I’ve had to monitor. I’m slowly allowing myself to eat more as I know my metabolism is increasing. I seem more interested in protein and carbs than on sweet or fatty stuff. If I let myself I can just hoover up anything though.
  3. My voice has dropped noticeably and it’s frikin great. I feel like when I talk someone is strumming an acoustic guitar with the low strings. Although sometimes it randomly jumps higher again. It will be great to see where it settles, but I suppose that not for a long while yet.
  4. Hair .Hair. Hair. Hair. Hair. Who is the fairest of them all? Not the one with the most hair! A year at this pace and people will not actually try to gender me and instead will just call me Chewbacca. The facial hair is a little slower, but it is coming through. I can hold a shadow on my upper lip now and darker hairs are sprouting on the chin, brave explorers to a barren foreign land.
  5. I get all sweaty and hot. God knows why I did not think this would happen to me. It means I have to take much better care of my hygiene or risk growing mould.
  6. My moods have been less deep and don’t linger as long. This could be psychological or because of the T, but I’ve noticed in the past few months I seem to “move on” from moods quicker. Could just be a phase but i’m liking it anyway.
  7. My face shape has changed and it’s hard to explain how. It looks different but it’s hard to pin-point anything in particular. I think it’s less round maybe?
  8. I’m a bit less like a pear, and more like a banana?????? Hum, what i’m trying to say is that by just a smidgen by hips seem less curvy. This could have been helped by the muscle i’m building in my abs regions.

I would have put spots on this list but they are currently much less frequent than I expected. Maybe this is due to my skin regime and starting testosterone slowly instead of a wham straight in.

I’m going to leave updates on anxiety stuff and volunteering etc. till the next blog as to not make this one too long. Can’t believe i’m doing regular blogs on my transition. To actually be on testosterone and 14 weeks in is crazy. When I read blogs of other people’s transitions I never thought I’d get here. So i’m keeping up the line of transition blogs to keep our community strong, have a voice, and give info, advice and share stories.

Comparison pic: Day 1 to Day 98





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