I am reborn!! (Just in time for Easter)

I was in shock just 5 minutes ago when I realised it was blog day! This week seems to be shooting past. Here are a few updates!

I had my 3rd shot of anti-estragon on Monday, which went super quick and easy, although I did have to spend a good 5 minutes sitting beside an old gentleman who stank of B.O. enough to make my gag reflex start off. I mean poor bloke, not his fault, but made the wait interesting (saying that the wait is never too boring in the GP’s surgery, there is all ways either an interesting character or an interesting situation).

I also got through the post my new NHS number!! I was deleted off the face of the NHS and reborn with a new number. To anyone reading from outside the UK, you get an NHS number at birth and it sticks with you for life. The number gives access to all your medical records and allows you to access the NHS. If you are transgender however, you can tackle the system to get a new one. On NHS records I am now male. However things are not as simple as that. The changeover of records can be messy and is still imprecise. I have to discuss separately with my doctor if I still want to get the reminders/alerts given out to biological females for stuff like breast screening or smear tests. They are also meant to take out any non-essential mention of my gender so that when i’m seen by medical professionals in the future, they have no idea that i’m transgender unless it’s essential to know or I choose to disclose. This of course is hard in practice. I’m just happy I’m no longer forced to have Mx and can have Mr as my title on all my correspondence etc.

This week I have noticed a few more new developments with regards to my transition. I am getting sweatier, even when just walking I will sweat more. I don’t think it smells, the deodorant covers that up, but it’s damp and weird and is going to take some getting used to! My ‘tash hair is continuing to grow thicker at a nice rate, i’m impressed! And hair round my body is definitely picking up the pace. I also feel hotter more, which is alien to me. I used to always be cold non-stop, but now not so often. It’s nice to keep seeing changes at this stage as it keeps me bolstered. I also got a man in a shop calling me “buddy” even when I’d been talking to him and had been around in the shop for 10 minutes or so. So yeh, big grin there.

Things seem to have settled a bit now with the family in terms of emotions dealing with my transition. Maybe because i’m on testosterone now and everyone can see that the changes are gradual. Or maybe people can see that my base emotional level is just that much happier? Either or both, I don’t know but hopefully stuff is settling so we can begin to look forward to a life with a new found male in it.

I start volunteering on Monday! 9am for a full day and i’m mega nervous by excited too. I have some new shoes that will hopefully be comfy for the day as I’ll be stood up a lot. Happy it’s finally got to this stage, as it seems ages ago that I fist put in the application. I have a meeting today with my recovery worker who will hopefully be able to help me push some of the anxiety out my brain. Just got to remember its volunteering and not a job so I don’t get overwhelmed with pressure.

As always, the comparison pic comes last, with me 1 day on testosterone vs. day 63.


Oh and btw, I did sort out the toilet…

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