One week on Testosterone

What a great title, no?

So this week has flown past due to so much going on, and throughout it, I have been applying my TestoGel, every other day. It’s so damn hard to only apply half a sachet instead of the full amount! It’s a really good feeling though knowing i’m doing something often that is moving my transition along.

As expected, changes have been few if at all. Some things I have noticed, such as increased hunger and change in energy level patterns, I can’t pin down to the Gel. It could be the anti-estragon injection, or it could just be me actually taking note of my metabolism for once! I have had no visible changes.

I’m taking a picture every day, but on this blog I think I will just be showing weekly pics!

My anxiety has been bad this week which I know I can blame on a few different things. Such as psychology sessions, family counselling starting, session with recovery worker and also some personal family news. Also since starting T, my dysphoria has increased. I feel people are staring and watching more, that they are all suspicious. All this stuff has made me twitchy, and I have a panic attack in the supermarket at self-service that other day. My anxiety meds can’t be changed for a while now as they need to be stable for quite a few months whilst I get used to the testosterone. So I’m going to have to find a way of coping.

Going down South today with my parents to help my brother and his partner move house on Friday. 3/4 days of intense family time! Let’s hope it all goes ok. To be honest, i’m more worried about bloody toilets on the way there and back (5hrs ish each way). I’m at the stage where I get shocked woman in the female toilets or strange, kind of aggressive men in the males. So I try to use disabled, only problem being at service stations on motorways they are all “key access only”. So I have a key…but the disabled toilets always seem so on display and I get super anxious in case someone accosts me saying I should not be using them! For those of you reading this that don’t ever have to think of this, feel lucky!

So I leave you with my handsome face, Day 1 and Day 7 on T, enjoy!



3 thoughts on “One week on Testosterone

  1. Emmett says:

    I’m totally pre everything and will be for a while. Can I ask a personal question? Obviously you dont have to answer. But why are you on the testogel? I’ve never really heard about it and why it gets used instead of needles?


    • Hey, np. Testogel is kinda a safer way to start off, cause if you start having an adverse reaction you can just stop and the hormone will be out your system pretty quick. You can also build up slowly your dose unlike an injection. And your levels stay really consistent which is really good for me as my moods can fluctuate pretty strongly as it is! Also something I really like about it is that you feel like your doing something to progress your transition everyday. So I would say more psychological reasons. I had the choice which i suppose some people don’t.
      I do want to switch to injections further down the line though just cause I here it starts to get annoying having to put on the gel everyday.


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