Less than 24 ON Testosterone


Body T 1 - Copy

So I’m no longer pre-T, and so much happier for it! This morning my GP surgery was ready for me. The GP prescribed the Testogel and they had the gel stocked in the adjoining pharmacy. The GP was unsure if they had the injection in but low and behold! There was one. It’s crazy how everything is just slotting together. I had that done there and then and did not feel a thing. Really fancy needle, but felt no pain. Really glad about this because I have to have that every month!



The med routine

1 x Injection (Monthly) that stops my menstrual cycle.

1/2 a sachet of TestoGel every OTHER day for 2 weeks, then 1/2 a sachet a day for 2 weeks, then a sachet a day.

For the Testogel I take a shower then apply it to my shoulders and stomach. I have to let it dry for about 5 minutes, make sure hands are washed so no extra transfer, then just get on as normal! I chuck the half packet left away because it’s not meant to be kept open for long periods of time. Bit of a waste but I suppose it’s only for the first month.

The dose is low to start with, but I’m cool with that. Just damn well starting is enough, knowing that I’m on this next step. It’s a really safe way to start off, any negative reactions and it’s easy to stop before things get too serious. I’ve felt no effects so far (yes I am analysing myself all the time!) I want to keep a record though of when the effects do come through. I’ve told most people I have started T now, and everyone is happy for me which is cool :-). Having a celebratory drink now.

I had Psychology soon after having my first dose so my head was all over the place with emotions, but managed to rein in for the session. It was a not bad one this time, not too intense. Still looked backwards, but at the next app we are going to look at what could help me in the future, different therapy’s etc. Which is good, to be actively doing something about my anxiety for the future. Out of all my posts on here so far, I think this must be the most positive one! I hope not too sickeningly happy for you. I’m making the most of it though, as I know it’s not all fun and games all the time. It’s worth savouring this moment.


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