Less than 24 hours till T-ake off

In a line of lucky events, I am extremely grateful to be able to pick up my prescription for Testosterone (Testogel) tomorrow morning. I wanted to note this moment so I can look back to the point where all my strength and determination came together.

April 2015 I told my GP that I would like to be referred to a GIC, Jan 2016 I am starting hormones. So far it’s a time that has been filled with major ups and downs, emotions changing and maturing. I’ve explored a lot into what this will mean to me, and I have a lot of exploring to do as the changes start to happen. I feel so excited and I’m aware of the pounding of my heart as I sit here, the night before another big step.

I would be lying if I told you I wasn’t scared. But it’s a good kind of scared, the type that shows you understand the scope of what you’re doing. That you understand that this is not a dream, or a phase, but something that has the power to change the course of your life.

210116 - Copy.JPG

I’ve done boxing this evening to get a bit of the excess energy out of me. I’m now just chilling out, or trying to, about to watch a bit of House and eat some snacks. This post is just a short one, but I’ll be posting again soon about more technical/practical stuff.  The next stage of my life journey begins, feeling strong guys!

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