Patience pays off!

It’s been a crazy few days, and the most important thing that has happened I will go into with you below:

Gender Clinic Appointment!

This week I headed off down South and attended my first GIC appointment, which I had waited just under 5 months for. Normally I get very very anxious before any appointment but this time, it was over-ridden with excitement. It was a 3 hour drive, which my Dad drove down, and I drove back up. It was a really modern place, and very relaxed and un-clinical which was cool. Oh, and free parking!  We had brekkie at the restaurant at the clinic (bacon buttie :-p) and then headed over to reception to check in.

I was the first appointment of the day and the Doctor was only a little late (he could have been 3 hours late for all I would have cared, as long as I got in!). First impressions were the right impressions; he was really friendly and easy to talk to. The whole appointment felt more like a chat, yet he cleverly managed to cover all the stuff he needed to.

What did we talk about? Well, loads.

  1. Family History of physical and mental medical issues
  2. Current Medications
  3. Personal physical and mental medical issues
  4. Effects of Testosterone
  5. Surgery options – both top & bottom
  6. Sites to check out
  7. Acne and creams to start using
  8. How did I know I was transgender?
  9. School and qualifications
  10. Life for me as it stands now
  11. Bloods
  12. Timescales

We ran over by about 15 minutes so 1 hour 15 minutes all in all. It felt like only 30/40 minutes cause I was so absorbed in the conversation!

I would say that the hardest part was talking about my mental health. He wanted to know about my previous overdoses, the reasons why, and why things are different now, or, are they not? Kind of thing. He wanted to be sure I had lots of support in place for my depression and anxiety. I kept truthful with it (cause he can read up on my notes anyway) and he seemed to be happy that it was under control.

Most interesting was talking about my bloods. In particular my estrogen levels which were really really low. He was interested in seeing my current testosterone levels, so bloods for that to come!

It was also interesting was talking about surgery’s. He was obviously really interested in this area and knew loads about bottom surgery, and told me not to be put off by things not being “real” enough cause there have been loads of advancements recently. So that was food for thought. We looked at documents online about it etc.

I’m also under orders to start using acne cream ready for T in the future, to prevent me getting really bad spot out-breaks. It is a treatment called Benzyl Peroxide which is meant to work wonders. I have already ordered some and it’s flinging its way toward me all the way from the USA!

The part I was waiting for was timescales for Testosterone. To my delight (like, serious major happiness) he said that I will see another Doctor in 3/4 months who, if he “green lights” me, will prescribe me hormones and blockers there and then!. The 2 doctor thing is normal NHS procedure; the 2nd Doctor does not see the 1st’s notes on me until after their appointment, to make 2 completely independent assessments.

This means there is a chance of starting T before Christmas!!! Which would be the best Christmas Prezzie EVER. I need to sign some consent forms now, make sure my GP agrees to shared care with the clinic, and write a two A4 page autobiography about me and the process of knowing I was transgender.

On top of this news, I found out today that im getting signed up for the flat on Friday, to move stuff at the weekend and move in on Monday!! I’m like a frigging bouncy kangaroo. Mind is on overdrive. So much to sort out now, from insurance, to broadband, to removal men, to packing.

The patience is paying off, it looks good my friends!

HappySeb BW


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