GIC Appointment

There has been a gap!

I’ve been off here for a while, been through a “phase” I guess of not really figuring out what to say. But in the last few days I have had two lots of big news, so here goes!

GIC Appointment!! I am now booked in for early September, which is awesome and unexpected. Well, I was waiting, but had given up hope for a letter last week when it suddenly appeared! Tbh along with the awesomeness of it, there has been some shock at the reality of it all. It’s starting to settle in my mind as an actual “thing” rather than a day-dream type quality. I am aware that I need to organise and section in my mind all the thoughts and feelings I have about being transgender and where I want to go with it so I can put forward a good case to the GIC. It’s scary, as all change is, but I gotta remember a “T” date is at least 6 months on from that appointment!

New Flat!! Around the same time as hearing about the GIC, I found out that I have accommodation, a nice little self-contained flat, which is super awesome too! I’m moving out of here (my parents house) at the end of this month, just before the GIC appointment, so it’s all systems go! Again, I am anxious about this as well. It’s scary taking this step to independence as I know I have a long route ahead of me to get my life back on track. But it’s also an amazing opportunity.

So chances are I will be moving then within a week or two be travelling down South to the GIC for an early morning appointment! I’ve been on a bit of a hyper stint with all this information to process. I’ve been on spending sprees to Ikea and supermarkets getting in all the stuff I need, bouncing off the walls, talking too fast and having a minute concentration span. I’ve only really had one major downer where it’s felt overwhelming. Hopefully I will be back to more often blogging for a while!



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