Just a simple interaction

Snap shot of day-to-day life as a transman.

Location: Post Office

Dress code: As male looking as can be.

Reason: Sending off another torrent of letters to official places changing my name.

What I want to happen

post office good

All Rights Reserved Copyright. Sebastian L.L

What actually happens

post office bad

All Rights Reserved Copyright. Sebastian. L.L

The frustrating part? There is not really much you can do about it that will not make it even more awkward. Tell him I’m male? Explain in front of everyone,  get puzzled looks? Tell him I’m trans?, not really worth explaining for a simple 2 minute interaction.

It is just SO DAMN AWKWARD some times!



2 thoughts on “Just a simple interaction

  1. You know, you’d be surprised how well it can work to tell people you’re a guy. Seriously, I did this a couple times before taking T and it totally worked. I gave the person a look of total shock and annoyance and said “Actually, I’m a guy.” You have to sound really entitled and offended, haha. They will oftentimes then assume you are a cis guy and fall all over themselves apologizing to you. Interesting to watch.


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