Guide to the world of mental health

Things you only know when you have had mental health problems for a while…

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Medicine: Some MH professionals love doling them out, others are “new-wave” and believe the majority of people who have them don’t need them.  Often stashed,  (not recommended) in an unstable mood you can often find yourself talking to them.

Side-effects: (of medicine). Best only talked about with people who are also on meds. Can keep you entertained for days as you observe your body shake or sweat, eyes go fuzzy, room spins, appetite swings better than Tarzan,

Support: Means sitting with someone who is telling you they can meet you to offer support. Never ask what the support is, you end up in a vortex of the above sentence.

Psychiatrist: A person who pretends to befriend you whilst observing every physical/mind twitch and reaction.

CMHT: Community MH Team, the most varied bunch of people you will ever meet, many have very odd habits or mannerisms which they have developed as a way of coping with such a stressful, under-acknowledged job.

Mindfulness: RED ALERT; the “go to” word thrown at everyone new to secondary MH care. Whilst in the midst of chaos and breakdown and cheery looking person will throw sheets of paper at you whilst banging on about something to do with twanging elastic bands and rubbing smooth objects in your pocket (no innuendo intended ;-p )

Walk: According to 90% of MH professionals, one of these can prevent a MH breakdown.

Crisis Team: See above meaning of “support”

Personality Disorder: A diagnosis offered up on the table for when no one knows what the f*** is going on in your brain. Covers a lot of “issues” and seems to be the first thing people are approached with.

I can (and probably will) add to the list, but for now that’s all. Note:  this only reflects my views (which themselves are notorious for changing regularly). Have more to add? Feel free to comment below.




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