I’ve nothing to hide

I did not say in the introduction, no. I am transgender, yes.

This blog is not about being transgender, although it may come up from time to time as it throws up loads of lovely complications that liven up my life even more (wooo).

To fill you in: I’m FtM  (female-to-male) and I have been “open” since 7th April 2015. Yes it’s great that i’m “out” and waiting on a GIC (Gender Identity Clinic) but really I would have preferred to have been born in the gender I identify as being. I get slightly bewildered by the seriousness that people attach to my status. In some ways it’s just natural for me to be this way, male, as it’s what I always really was, just hidden inside!

I want people to take transgender individuals as just part of our random, mixed population. I hate how everyone feels they need to state their take on transgender”ism” and treat it like a political party. As a population we shift, drift and wander. Take my gender with a light heart and treat me as a person, not a catagory.

On a lighter note I have to add to any lady readers, my god, try boxers. Gone are the days of uncomfy underwear.

6th June 2015

6th June 2015

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