I’m Seb, and this is the beginning of pod life

10 hours, thats not long right? To start actually writing the first blog? I’ve just spent 5 of those hours reading how easy it is to start blogging. It’s seeming complexity to me is making me feel old, yet i’m “only” 24.

The brief: I’m a far from average 24 year old North Yorkshire’arian, but don’t tell the stats people that…to them I am a completly standard unemployed young man, with typical mental health issues of anxiety and depression, good education, middle’ish class upbringing, an un-used guitar and worringly strong addiction to robinsons fruit juice.

The past few years has cemented into my mind plently of “nots” – Jobs i do NOT want to do, skills and hobbys I am NOT good at, social situations I can NOT handle, and the endless list of stuff I have NOT achieved.

But, with all last remnants of youthful arrogance gone, I have a much better understanding of this world, and I want to share with you my view on it, from all angles.


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